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Interactive equation editor

MathType is an interactive equation software from developer Design Science (Dessci) that lets you create and annotate math notation for word processing, desktop publishing, presentations, eLearning, and more. The editor is also used for creating TeX, LaTeX, and MathML documents.

For the classroom or the boardroom

Traditional word processors are limited when it comes to working with complex mathematical equations or scientific expressions. MathType is a complementary desktop program that allows users to create formulas, edit them, and insert them into a variety of documents. With this software students, educators, and professionals can build authentic formulas for research papers and rigorous review.

A compact interface

The Mathtype Interface is a compressed and slightly crowded, with four rows of buttons for the symbols and a row of five tabs categorized by type of math expression: algebra, derivations, statistics, matrices, sets, trig, and geometry. Navigation is straightforward, and users can manipulate equations as they please.

It’s easy to build an equation in MathType’s editing panel. To start, you have to click on the buttons to select their desired symbol or by using the Insert Symbol command. It’s also possible to copy and paste from the editing pane to another application.

There’s a vast range of formatting options to suit a variety of equations. Another attractive feature of MathType is that you can customize the app through the Preferences dialog box. You can assign your own keyboard shortcuts to all symbols, templates, and commands. These shortcuts consist of one or two keystrokes with CTRL, Alt, or Shift modifiers.

MathType tools

When MathType installs a toolbar into Microsoft Word, users can insert mathematical notation either in-line or centered. The commands are straightforward. You can format equations by changing spacing, styles, font sizes, of all equations, without having to open equations individually. Convert equations to mark-up languages, and export all equations into a folder as either EPS, GIF, WMF, or PICT.

With the toolbar, insert numbers in either the right or left-hand side, which will automatically be updated if they place a formula in the middle of the document. This is useful for inserting chapters, hyperlinked references, sections, and equation numbers, which is great, especially for teachers who need to make worksheets.

MathType also installs a toolbar into Powerpoint, allowing users to design attractive presentations. With this toolbar, color all parts of equations. MathType handles CMYKRGB and spot color (for page layout software).

Compatibility and support

MathType works in conjunction with a variety of word processors. It’s a powerful equation software that is conveniently compatible with Office and other popular programs. It’s also fully functional autonomously.

MathType Setup will automatically install support for each version of Word that it detects on your computer. To activate the software from Word, users will have to authorize the application to access Office. If the desktop software is installed and activated, MathType tab will appear at the top in word. The tab will have various commands and sections.

MathType for Windows supports object linking and embedding, which is the mechanism the operating system used to include information from one application in another. MathType equations are embedded in any Microsoft Office or OpenOffice program.

On Macs, MathType also supports OLE. MathType also works to support Apple iWorks. This means that equations can be embedded and updated seamlessly. For web applications like Gmail and Google Docs, users can copy and paste HTML tags to embed the work from MathType.


One of the highlights of MathType is the library of math symbols that are accessible through any keyboard or with the mouse in a graphical WYSIWYG environment. This is unlike document markup languages such as LaTexonline, where equations are entered in a text editor and processed into a typeset document in a different step. MathType supports LaTex, TeX, and MathMl, as well.

MathType Equations are by default typeset in Times New Roman, with Symbol used for all symbols. Other fonts are also used. Greek symbols use Euclid and Computer Modern is used for TeX. On Windows 7 and later, equations may be drawn using a touch screen or pen through a math input panel.

Convenient and savvy editing

MathType hosts an array of useful functions and displays commands in a simple and straightforward interface that’s easy to master. If users do run into confusion, the software’s User Manual is filled with detailed instructions and helpful tips. MathType offers a 30-day trial, after which becomes MathType Lite. Those looking for a free alternative should consider downloading MathCast.


  • Professional results
  • Easy to customize keyboard shortcuts
  • An intuitive interface
  • Compatible with MathML and TeX
  • Simple exporting
  • Integrates with Microsoft Word and Powerpoint


  • The number of options can be overwhelming

Program available in other languages

MathType for PC

  • Trial version

  • In English
  • V
  • 3.7


User reviews about MathType

  • jayb4h

    by jayb4h

    As good as MathType is, AxMath is better, easier to use and way less expensive ($12 one time compared to $50 per year). Both are compatible with MSWor More

  • Neeta Sahajwani

    by Neeta Sahajwani

    dont waste your money, i bought this programme, upon downloading the message popped up it is not compatible for Mac book. they still charged me $54(de More

  • Tessy Thomas

    by Tessy Thomas

    yes its very good..very easy to type the sums with all sins and symbols

  • Zebron Chari

    by Zebron Chari

    It is easy to use even newly qualified teachers can be trained to use it early enough.

  • Amin Mohammed

    by Amin Mohammed

    It is very helpful in typing long and very complicated equations, specially for those who are working in robotics, nonlinear dynamics, and Mathematics More

  • kiran nancy

    by kiran nancy

    great good one i love this one and its easy to use this one i have send to all my friends


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